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County: King County




Conductive Garboil Grant 2014
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The work of Jeppa K Hall, performance artist/comedian, vocalist, musician and songwriter is difficult to describe or even categorize. Her multimedia performance, music, and recordings are a hybridization of an unknown number of genres and modalities. Subsequently, her performances have lent themselves to be featured in just about every performance venue imaginable. Jeppa’s work is rooted in the healing power of laughter and ritual. Her ecstatic, transformative work challenges consumeristic pop culture propaganda and institutionalized power structures. Using comedy, pop culture icons, imagery of women in the mass media and objects associated with male dominance as a mask, her stories expose political, corporate and media abuses of power and its direct relationship to gender inequality, self-hatred, denatured food, and more. The combination of her unusual storytelling, and layered imagery of the collective American consciousness with the unknown and cosmic, results in engaging psychedelic theater and music that encourage dialogue and expand perceptions of time and space.

Through her alter ego QUEEN SHMOOQUAN (the super-real modern day oracle), Jeppa generates solo theater performances that merge multimedia performance art, clowning, dance, movement, improvisation, live and recorded music with non-linear storytelling to create thought provoking, hilarious music and theater that push the boundaries of contemporary and traditional performance media as well as testing the limits of political and social satire. Her current and past, solo and collaborative projects include the 21st century story ballads of GOATGIRL, the acoustic doom metal duo FINGER with Julie Baldridge, the performance duo PIP-N-TOP, the SEATTLE HARMONIC VOICES under the direction of Stephen Fandrich, and the guerilla street art team THE GALLBLADDERS.

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