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Jesse England

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2015 Fellowship Awards
King County



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Ghost Embers, Glass and brass, 13" x 26" x 2.75", 2012 .

Thermal Relationships, Copper, glass, and steel, 5" x 7" x 5", 2013. Collaborative work with Minhi Winkempleck.

Readymade Inclusion #2, Vise grips, copper, glass, and wood, 14” x 8” x 4”, 2012.

Overblow, Glass, wood, silver , 2013 .

Paintings (Edition #2), Glass, wood, copper, 26” x 6’ x 2.5”, 2014.

Jesse England earned his BFA from Emporia State University and his MFA from the University of Texas at Arlington. He says of his work: “I try to create things I’ve never seen before. I want to share the things I consider unique and beautiful with others.  These are the simplest, most important reasons I make art. I hold processes that require a significant amount of skill and physical effort in high regard. This is due to my upbringing. I was raised in a small town amongst people who valued hard work. My closest childhood friends became welders, machinists, construction workers, linemen, electricians, and farmers.”

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