Jesse Paul Miller

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Award Recipient 2006
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Fellowship Awards 2006
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Jesse Paul Miller (Seattle) is a multimedia artist and received a BFA from Colorado State University in 1991. His sculptural and installation pieces utilize sound as a material often in concordance with the mass-produced cast-off object, drawing, sculpture, and video. He has had numerous exhibitions regionally and internationally including the Seattle Art Museum, the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), Deadtech (Chicago), the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (British Columbia), Omega Point (Tokyo) and mostly recently at SOIL Art Gallery (Seattle), which was a collaborative installation with Brent Watanabe. His visual and sound work has appeared in catalogs, magazines and newspaper reviews internationally, including such periodicals as Sculpture, Art US, the Sound Projector (UK), Bad Alchemy (Germany), and others. His work can be found in the permanent collection of the Seattle Art Museum and Western Bridge (Seattle). Miller was selected for the Jack Straw New Media Gallery in 2003.

Jesse received 2006 GAP Award funding to purchase upgraded equipment and software for continued development of his image/sound installations and sculptural work. He creates environments that combine line drawings of landscapes and traveled to locales with audio field recordings from those locations. His drawings and recordings are made concurrently and recombined to create new destinations. His newest work was exhibited at Electric Heavyland, Seattle in July 2006.

As part of his Fellowship’s Meet the Artist requirements, Jesse created a site-specific installation and conducted a gallery talk at Spokane Falls Community College. The installation, titled Horizons, Sounds and People: 2005 Thailand and Laos, included field recordings, drawings and video projections. About 40 people viewed the installation and attended the talk, in which he described the workings of the installation and discussed assemblage, drawing, gathering audio recordings, equipment, personal history, and perspectives on sound.