Jherek Bischoff

County: King County

Website: https://www.jherekbischoff.com/



Award Recipient 2006, 2009
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Centrum Residency 2009
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Jherek Bischoff has a number of years of experience in musical performance, ranging from orchestral composition, to arrangement and performance. This local involvement got him linked to the Degenerate Arts Orchestra, which consisted of 48 of the city’s finest musicians. His New York performance was reviewed in The New York Times.

Jherek received 2009 GAP Award funding to pay the artists who will be performing his orchestral composition at Town Hall in Seattle. For this Town Hall performance, he will assemble a 35-person orchestra to play 12 of his compositions on September 11, 2009.

Jherek received 2006 GAP Award funding to help offset the costs of purchasing new equipment as well as provide assistance during the composing and recording of a group of orchestral songs. He hopes to improve his skills as a musician, engineer, producer, composer, and conductor with the completion of this solo project. Upon finishing the series of new compositions, he plans to look for a record label to release it.

Jherek is the recipient of a Centrum Residency (read about his experiences here). His work was recently featured in an issue of City Arts Magazine.