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Jim Woodring

County: King County




Grants for Artist Projects 2003
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Fellowship Awards 2008
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Jim Woodring has made great sacrifices in order to keep a clear view down the corridor of his years so he may not forget the glorious confusion of his early youth. He heard voices, saw apparitions, and experienced awful paranoia, which have all become basis for his artwork. Jim’s work has been exhibited in Australia, France, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, and Seattle, and his artwork has been used for United States Artists’ holiday greeting.

Jim received 2003 GAP Award funding to purchase a Halley easel, a halogen floor lamp, a taboret, sable brushes, brush cleaner, and paint. “For the past ten years I have been creating a series of charcoal drawings representing various aspects of a personal vision which I have nurtured and exploited since childhood.” In 2001, Jim began to make oil paintings based on these drawings. He used the equipment and supplies purchased with grant funding to begin Worse and Worse, the crucial image from the series of drawings.

As part of his Fellowship’s Meet the Artist requirements, Jim presented his first full-length graphic novel, Weathercraft, to students and faculty in the Fine Arts Department at Washington State University in Pullman. He showed the novel page-by-page and gave a narrative explanation of the story. He also spent considerable time talking about Artist Trust and urging students to learn about the organization.

See a special thank-you note to Artist Trust that only Jim could create.

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