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Joe Hedges

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2019 GAP Award
Whitman County



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Centaurs, (after Sandro Botticelli), oil on panel in found frame, television, guitar amplifier, arrow, wooden shelf, cords, cables, media player, video, audio, 49”x37”x11”, 2019

Smooth & Shiny, oil on canvases in found frames, cassette players, cassettes, found sounds, cycle timer, wooden shelf, plastic cup, pencil, 54”x44”x10”, 2019

Cloud Control, oil on canvas, oil on canvas over wood panel, monitors, CRT television, mini-computer, guitar pedals, cords, cables, time capsule, bubble wrap, video, sound, 80”x88”x17”, 2019

We Care About You and Your Memories, oil on canvas, plastic storage containers, macbook, PC, monitors, electronics, glass, concrete, 95”x126”x60”, 2018

Island Hopping, oil paint on panel, image on digital device, 11”x18”x1.5”, 2019

Joe Hedges is an intermedia artist who has developed an expansive practice that weaves together oil painting, new media, digital imaging, net art, sound and installation. His projects explore the effects of digital technologies on human experience. Hedges has exhibited nationally and internationally and has led community-based public art projects in Ohio, Kentucky and Washington. Hedges is currently living in Pullman, Washington.

Joe Hedges received the 2019 GAP Award funding to support a new body of work called Hypercombines. These works will be included in upcoming solo exhibitions in Artworks in Loveland, CO in November, 2019 and at Chase Gallery in Spokane, WA in January 2020. Specifically, the GAP will provide support for electronic materials that will be incorporated into works that are part oil-painting and part new media works.


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