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John Furniss

John Furniss Profile Photo
2018 Grants for Artist Projects
Clark County



Jupiter, pedauk wood, 7 x 2", 2017. Photo: Anni Furniss.

Mars, pedauk wood, 7 x 2", 2017. Photo: Anni Furniss.

Pedauk & Maple Bowl, pendauk and maple, 5 x 4", 2017. Photo: Anni Furniss.

Oak & Cherry Bowl, oak and cherry, 5 x 4", 2016. Photo: Anni Furniss.

Purple Heart & Sapele Bowl, purple heart and sapele, 7 x 2", 2017. Photo: Anni Furniss.

John Furniss became totally blind at the age of 16. The years that followed were extremely challenging for him; learning how to navigate the world without sight. In his mid 20’s he took a woodworking class from a blind woodworker in Utah and learned how to use adaptive tools for the blind. He now lives in Washougal, Washington, and works from his wood shop at home and regularly speaks at local schools spreading awareness about the visually impaired.

The journey in his own wood shop has mirrored his journey through blindness. Each project has brought its own challenge, much like navigating the landscape of a sighted world without sight.

John received 2018 GAP Award funding for a project he’s been designing for over ten years. The project is to build a medium sized table built from sustainably sourced wood. This grant would allow John to purchase the tools and materials to carry the table design to realization.

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