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Jonathan Adamshaspert

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Grants for Artist Projects 2017
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Jonathan Adamshaspert is a photographer, platinum printmaker, and curator. He holds an AAS in professional photography from Spokane Falls Community College’s photography program. While classically trained in professional photography, Jonathan has dedicated his career solely to the making and preservation of platinum and palladium photographic prints, in order to preserve the traditional craft in the 21st century. His primary area of concentration deals with the blending of traditional and contemporary photographic workflows in order to craft masterpieces that will stand the test of time.

Prior to training as a printmaker and photographer, Jonathan served as a Navy Corpsman during the war in Iraq providing medical care to Marine Corps Infantry. After returning home from the service in 2008, he studied photography and printmaking at the photography department of Spokane Falls Community College. He obtained his AAS degree in 2016.

Jonathan received 2017 GAP Award funding to make forty-five 11×14” prints from the body of work collectively titled Sandbox Silence: Memories of Sand to provide an alternative perspective of war through the lens of the unseen moments between the firefights. His intent of this work is to form an introspective understanding and an educational bridge of dialogue between veterans and the communities we live in through the viewing these photographs. This completed work will provide the public with an important permanent historical record in the form of platinum and palladium photographic prints for generations to come.

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