Karen Rudd

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Website: http://karenrudd.com/



Grants for Artist Projects 2007, 2011
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Centrum Residency 2008
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Karen Rudd (Seattle) received 2011 GAP Award funding to support her participation in an art exhibition in New York City. Her work will be exhibited with photographs by Kris Graves in a week-long show called Second Nature, about the empty or missing spaces in nature. This show is part of a larger six-week art series called 6X6 and presented by Baange and Burne Contemporary. Funds from GAP will help with expenses in transporting her work to and from New York City as well as her travel to the show for the opening event and pre-arranged dinner with collectors. This grant would help expand her viewership and presence beyond the Pacific Northwest and open her art career to a larger number of potential collectors.

Karen received 2007 GAP Award funding to fund the completion, photo documentation, and promotion/marketing expenses for an installation of realistic, life-size cedar tree stumps created from reclaimed cardboard and wood glue. As a visual artist with a background in zoology, Karen explores the relationship between man and nature through sculpture, her initial aim to return the man-made material to its original organic form has expanded to include the creation of “a haunting landscape-like indoor installation.”