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Grants for Artist Projects 2014
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Scott Kolbo and Lance Sinnema began collaborating as an artist team in 2012, creating a series of interactive performances and static artworks that utilize of humor as a means of exploring serious issues. They are particularly interested in the way that violent and debased language has escalated in our current social/political culture. Their collaborations result in projects and performances that emphasize spectacle, slapstick comedy, and audience participation. Scott Kolbo grew up the Northwestern United States, and he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking from Boise State University in 1996, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000. Lance Sinnema recieved his B.A. in Drawing and Painting from Whitworth University in 1999, and his M.F.A. from Washington State University in 2003.

KolboSinnema received 2014 GAP funding for the purchase of a radio controlled drone for Stinktown Two collective performances satirizing our surveillance culture. The collective will stage a new set of performances that deal with the oppressive nature of ubiquitous surveillance. Alter-ego characters created by the artists will alternate harassing and annoying each other with flying drones, exploring America’s conflicted desire to keep close watch on people we don’t trust, yet not wanting to be monitored ourselves. These performances will be staged in studio settings as well as in public, and the documentation that is generated by the drone footage and other methods of video capture will be turned into a series of prints, collaborative drawings, and video installations that will be exhibited at the Saranac Art Projects in 2015, as well as other potential galleries and museums.

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