KT Niehoff

County: King County

Website: http://www.lingodance.com/



Award Recipient 2007, 2011
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KT Niehoff has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, The New England Foundation for the Arts/National Dance Project, the National Performance Network, Meet the Composer, Composer/Choreographer Project, King County Arts Commission, Arts International, Seattle Arts Commission, the MAP Fund, and Allied Arts. Her work has been commissioned by Cornish College of the Arts, the d-9 dance collective and Milton Academy in Boston. She is a choreographer and artistic director of Lingo dancetheater and teacher at Velocity Dance Center. She holds a BFA in theater history/acting from New York University, receiving training from The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting as well as the Experimental Theater Wing. She has been profiled in Dance Teacher Magazine (2012), and featured on the Seattle Channel’s Art Zone (2012) as well as in CityArts magazine (2013).

KT received 2011 GAP Award funding towards the production of Parts Don’t Work, her first dance film. Shot in CineRED, it is a 6.5-minute short set in the (now defunct) Fun Forest Amusement Park in Seattle. Since 2007 KT has been making non-proscenium work (cabarets, parties, museums, city streets). She is drawn to films’ access to intimate images and how it allows the viewer to fall into a world completely disembodied. She has been preparing by learning Final Cut, editing her live work and seeing hundreds of dance films.

KT received 2007 GAP Award funding to pay artist stipends to perform The Lift, a personal one-on-one dance experience at the Seattle Pike Place Market. Separately, four dancers will approach individuals on their way up to 1st Avenue, asking if they would like a “lift” up Stewart Street, one of the steepest hill climbs in Seattle. If the “lift” is accepted, the dance begins. “Lifts” will be offered two hours a day on four consecutive summer weekends, as well as during one additional workweek.

KT also received a 2000 Fellowship from Artist Trust.