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Lisa Cohen

County: King County



Grants for Artist Projects 2014
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Lisa Cohen worked as a technical post producer for over 15 years, shepherding features, short films, and commercials through the post-production process. During her seven years managing the digital-to-film department at Alpha Cine Seattle, Cohen oversaw the digital transfers of several award-winning films, including Oscar winners Taxi to the Darkside, Freeheld, The Blood of Yingzhou District and Born into Brothels. In 2012, Cohen completed her first documentary short, B-BOY, which screened in over 20 film festivals worldwide and won five awards. Confessions of a Former Bully is Cohen’s second film.

Lisa received a 2014 GAP to fund elements of her documentary Confessions of a Former Bully and to create a Kickstarter teaser. The film profiles Natasha, now 20, as she details the circumstances, insecurities, and jealousy that led her to target her classmate, Jane, in a cruel and systematic campaign to elevate her own self-esteem by demeaning Jane’s. Natasha is candid and honest as she lets the audience into her psyche and explains why kids choose to bully others. The film’s goal is to allow kids, ages eight and up, who engage in bullying behaviors, to relate to someone that learned from her mistakes and can reflect on them with insight and wisdom. By learning Natasha’s story, perpetrators will begin to reflect on their own actions.

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