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Grants for Artist Projects 2003, 2006
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Marc Dombrosky received 2006 GAP Award funding to take time to create a new body of work that expands on his current practice of embroidering found and salvaged papers, envelopes, cardboard boxes, and signs. He meticulously mimics the marks on these objects using thread that closely approximates the line quality of the object, creating a new “topography” of and on the object.

Marc received 2006 GAP Award funding to take on a more extensive project of “overwriting” an entire journal and manuscript that he has acquired. The artist says of his work “…these works suggest a loose conversation with our surroundings, our neighbors, our losses, and our memories.” Of the new work, he adds “this opportunity to engage complex narrative pieces is exciting and challenging, as these new acquisitions (by their length and content) potentially offer more insight into this project than anything else I’ve found and treated.”

Marc received 2003 GAP Award funding to further the documentation of 98101. His works are “investigations of overlooked spaces and mundane events.” Since 1988, he has been making rubbings on walls in rooms in which he has lived and worked in an attempt to decipher the patterns they contain. During the last exhibition of this work, he hired a professional photographer to document the space and catalogue the relationship between the viewer and the drawings. “The photographs become, in many ways, an extension of the work itself. By expanding the ways in which I record this project (its components and environments), I hope to gain insight into how (and where) the work can develop.” Marc plans to use funds to defray the costs of self-publishing a book documenting this work, and to further collaborative efforts with local photographers.

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