Michael Simi

County: King County

Website: http://www.mikesimi.com/



Award Recipient 2008
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Fellowship Awards 2008
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Michael Simi merges digital technology with everyday objects to create art systems and installations that question the poetics of interaction. His goal, “to create a diffusion layer between personal experience and the obfuscating nature of language.” Michael’s work has been shown across Washington in addition to many shows in Marquette, Michigan where he completed his BFA in 2004. He completed his education in 2007 with a MFA from the University of Washington. His work is scheduled to be shown at Seattle’s Gallery 4Culture in 2009.

Michael received 2008 GAP Award funding for financial assistance for the completion of his multidisciplinary sculptural figure installation, Applewood Manor. His most ambitious project to date, Applewood Manor will feature a group of 24 full-sized, clothed figures with a speaker in every head. Each figure will have independent “thoughts and concerns” to be voiced through their speaker. The resulting sound will, at times be a cacophony and, at others, a symphony.

As part of his Fellowship’s Meet the Artist requirements, Michael presented The Influence of Blue Collar: Defining Mr. Weekend, at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, talking about his work with robotics, sound, plastics and photography. He discussed the influences of his work and shared videos of his current work-in-progress, Mr. Weekend, a 15-foot-tall talking robotic sock puppet. The audience engaged in a lively question-and-answer session after the presentation.