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Michael Wilde

Michael Wilde Profile Photo
2017 Grants for Artist Projects
King County



Dada Collage, 2017.

Turing Meditation, 2017.

Michael Wilde is an artist working in video and interactive installation. He approaches writing creative code in the way that some artist might approach sketching or sculpture, beginning with a gesture or two and then seeing how forms might evolve out of that. He began life as a filmmaker who begrudgingly wrote software in order to support his film habit. Later he started working with video art once he saw the amazing work being done in the field before he was pushed toward interactive art once his peers saw that he had skills in software development.

Michael received 2017 GAP Award funding for his project for a set of interactive collages that combine photomontage, animation, sound effects, and music. These collages are designed to be experienced ideally on a touch screen monitor mounted on a wall, but can also be experienced through a web browser from any computer.

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