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Grants for Artist Projects 2016
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MissTANGQ (Huameng Yu) is a Chinese-born, first-generation, queer-identified, multi-media artist. She is deeply inspired by the hyphenated experience and explores this through animation, installation and mask-making to create interdisciplinary work. She is interested in adapting ancient mythologies for contemporary storytelling and investigating how ancestral traditions can inform diasporic futurisms. Her work among diverse communities led her to study Chinese metaphysics and philosophy as instruments for healing and self-development. She has since made it a mission to utilize these ancient technologies to explore the intersections of nature, the human spirit and mysticism. These themes also reflect the queer and immigrant experience, which for her, seeks to transform what has been inherited by society and culture into a creative undertaking of self-creation.

MissTANGQ received GAP 2016 funding for her project New Queer Creation Mythos, based on the ancient Chinese myth of Nüwa and Fuxi, the brother-sister/husband-wife pair that are responsible for the creation of the world and various scientific inventions. This work will show in a group show that she will curate on the theme of queering mythology. This show will feature some of her past mask and animation work, as well as works by fellow queer artists of color during the summer of 2017.

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