Olivia Thomas

County: Pierce County

Website: https://www.gottalivfree.com/



Fellowship Awards 2023
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LIVt is a Pacific Northwest Native (to be specific, from the 253) who at her core, values creativity, living freely, and the service of others. Keeping her family and friends at the forefront of all that drives her, she uses her love and obsession with music, mixed with a knack for word play, to bring what she feels is a “dope sound and vision” to her audience. Mimicking the northwest weather, she describes her music as, laidback, sometimes dark, but always soulful. Her music is a reflection on love, what it means to be black and outspoken and as well as what it takes to get out of your own way and be whoever you want. Be damned anyone else.

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instagram: https://www.instagram.com/LIV_musiq/

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/livtlivt

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