Rob Pastorok

County: King County




Award Recipient 2014
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Rob Pastorok is a keyboardist, producer/director, and owner of Deep Well Studio. Rob directs TRIBE-olution, a multi-genre ensemble exploring the roots of hip-hop dance in traditional performance arts of Africa, Brazil, and Asia. He also leads Global Heat, which was featured at the 2006 Shanghai-China International Music Festival and won the 2011 Jammin’ Challenge. Rob initiated and managed the formative years of a now 10-year live African music series in Seattle, recognized by the Seattle Weekly. He has performed with many international artists, including Kanda Bongo Man (Congo), I.K. Dairo (Nigeria), Lora Chiorah-Dye (Zimbabwe) and Naby Camara (Guinea). His projects have received grant support from 4Culture, Seattle Next 50 and Theatre Puget Sound.

Rob received 2014 GAP funding to expand the choreography for TRIBE-olution. The performance explores the origins of contemporary hip hop dance (originally “b-boying”) in traditional African, Brazilian, and Asian performance arts. The project involves collaboration with African-Brazilian dancer Dora Oliveira Newman and b-boy Terrance Guillermo. The product of these sessions will be video clips of new choreography to be added to scenes in the TRIBE-olution production. The award supports the development and documentation of 20-30 minutes of new choreography.