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Rubin Quarcoopome

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Rubin Quarcoopome loves a good story. From his childhood days in Ghana hearing his father’s tales of the mischievous Anansi to his adolescence in Detroit absorbing anime and movies and video game narratives, the allure of riveting tale helps him understand and empathize with the world and its people. As an adult, Rubin’s artistic work latched onto photography and digital painting. He relishes the exploration of the afrofuturist and the afrosurrealist, finding exciting ways to make the ordinary weird, and the weird ordinary. His work focuses on telling Black stories and opening doors and ways for others in the BIPOC community to thrive.

Rubin’s artistic work overlaps with his start-up, Designing in Color, an organization he co-founded with colleagues meant to diversify the way architecture is taught and practiced. His various design contributions have given vision to the concepts he and the team presented at Harvard University, the AIA National Board, and NOMA Conferences, among many other workshops, lectures, and speaking engagements.

His work has been featured at the Bellevue Arts Museum and the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, as well as published in Blank Space’s Fairy Tale anthology, Moevir Magazine, and Vigour Magazine.

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