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Sachie Mikawa

County: King County



Grants for Artist Projects 2013
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Sachie Mikawa, originally from Sendai City, Japan, is a performer, clown and musician. She is a co-founder of absurdist performance trio, Le Frenchword, and creator/performer of its full-length theatre show Fancy Mud and its cabaret musical act Can’t Can’t. They were seen at various venues in Seattle and Canadian Fringe Festivals. Other recent projects she participated include Cafe Nordo, The Loony Band, as part of KCLS’s summer program for kids in 2013, and Not All Clowns Are Bozos series. She is currently working on a modern clown solo act, as well as several collaborative projects in Seattle and overseas.

Sachie received a 2013 GAP to create costumes for her new project, which will focus on her mother as a young girl in 1959, living in a coastal town south of Sendai City in Japan, and will explore the eccentric lives of her family members. This new project will have clowning and music, and more of an absurd, fantastical, and non linear set-up, rather than being a straight play.

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