Sarah Hood

County: King County




Award Recipient 2008, 2013
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Sarah Hood stumbled into a beginning jewelry class at Cabrillo College in California and was hooked. Sarah went on to formalize her studies at Parsons School of Design in New York City while simultaneously earning a degree from the New School. After earning her BA, she finished her BFA in metalsmithing at the University of Washington in Seattle, the city in which she spent much of her childhood. Sarah has been an active member of the lively arts community in Seattle for many years. She explores the intersection of archetypal form and the natural world, creating jewelry inspired by organic materials.

Sarah received 2013 GAP Award funding to purchase studio safety equipment for her studio including an under-bench dust collection system for her jewelry bench, and a table-top fume extraction system for her soldering bench. She uses a variety of materials and processes in her work, and this equipment will insure a healthy work environment.

Sarah received 2008 GAP Award funding for purchase of two pieces of equipment to document her work: a Canon XTi digital SLR camera and a diffusion tent/light set-up. She sells through her web site and various web-based vendor sites. GAP Award funds will aid in making a valuable first impression with potential exhibitions and customers alike.

In 2008, she was also named a PONCHO/PRATT Artist-in-Resident.