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Sarah Lynne Hunter

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Sarah Lynne Hunter is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who believes that art saves and changes lives. Her work revolves around a studio practice of creating figuratively expressionistic oil and acrylic paintings that explore mental health, as well as a public practice of weaving art into her community through murals and installations. She has a degree in Apparel Design and Fine Art from Seattle Pacific University, and is based in Vancouver, WA where she lives with her family and teaches art classes part-time.

Her art has been exhibited in many galleries throughout the west coast, including Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, and LA. She has fulfilled artwork and mural commissions for both public and private clients, most notably Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries and Clark County Juvenile Court, and was a recipient of The Imagination Project grant in 2022 via Wacom PDX.

Her works explore themes of femininity and mental health through a figurative lens with elements of surrealism and modern expressionism, and she often includes personal imagery within her work. She is inspired by trying to capture what words alone cannot– things that beg to be expressed but cannot be easily parsed. She tries to capture emotions and experiences with color, composition, and blurring the lines between reality and our inner worlds and imaginings. She believes that personal expression through art can be a very meaningful and healing form of therapy and that putting imagery to some of the mental health struggles that many people face offers a form of collective healing.

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