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Sena Clara Creston

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Grants for Artist Projects 2014
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Sena Clara Creston is an exhibiting artist and professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University. Creston uses a combination of new and obsolete technology to construct electronic, kinetic and interactive sculptures and installations. Her work focuses on the impact materials, movement and process have on interactive art and reflect on alternative associations with what is considered natural in an increasingly mediated world. Creston earned her MFA in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2012 and her BFA from NYU for Photography and Imaging in 2005.

Sena Clara received 2014 GAP funding to purchase materials to build an interactive installation called The Umbrella Ship. The installation will be modeled after a Land Sail: a three-wheeled bicycle-type vehicle propelled by a large wind sail. The foundation of The Umbrella Ship will be constructed from children’s bicycles and propelled by a large umbrella that can be steered to catch the wind. The back and interior of the ship is a child’s bed complete with headboard, sculpted mattress, pillows and blanket. The sides and the front will be in the shape of a ship complete with portholes and masthead. A single person climbs in the bed-boat and is able to sail The Umbrella Ship across land. The Umbrella Ship will utilize other repurposed materials for allusive reference such as walking boot-oars, imaginative communication devices and a bed-sheet pirate flag.

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