Suze D. Woolf

County: King County




EDGE Professional Development Program 2010
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Award Recipient 2013
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Suze Woolf has been drawing all her life. After an undergraduate degree from McGill University, she pursued fifth-year studies in printmaking and ceramics at the University of Washington. Her professional career included graphic design of printed materials and interfaces for commercial and prototype software. She has received regional and national awards for watercolor. Her subject matter is diverse and driven by a desire to bring the unnoticed to the forefront of consciousness. From the burned-over forests of the arid West, the numbering systems on utility poles to large-scale industrial subjects, she finds intense visual experience everywhere she looks.

Suze received 2013 GAP Award funding to attend burnscape workshops by Donna Karetsky and Shannon Brock (of Carriage House Paper in New York), and Helen Hiebert in Colorado. He has been painting burned trees and forests for five years as an expression of concern about climate change. These workshops will help her learn the skills of adding a third dimension to flat pieces and further connecting her process to meaning.