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Tamela Laclair

County: Mason County



Fellowship Awards 2022
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Tamela LaClair is an enrolled member of the Skokomish Indian Tribe. We are “the people of the river” We have a strong connection to the water. Rivers, streams, canals were all ways of travel keeping all of us connected the lifeline in our culture and families. Tamela works in mediums including acrylic, watercolor, color pencils, traditional drums, paddles, graphic design, heat press designs and weaving; including cedar and wool. She sells custom apparel including hoodies and T-shirts, with all hand drawn Coastal Salish designs. Also, working in sculptural studies for a current project along the Seattle pier. Artwork is a form of expression, handed down from the creator. We need to teach it to the next generation so it’s not forgotten nor lost in transition. Tamela is passing the teachings onto her son. Tamela has had works displayed in the Washington history museum. Recently having artwork installed in the new Chief Seattle club building. Tamela has also created the gym floor logo, with the Skokomish youth group, in the Skokomish community center building. Tamela is currently working with Artists Malynn Foster, and Kimberly Deriana, as a team – MTK Matriarchs on the Overlook Walk site, Sculpture to be installed in 2024 along the Seattle waterfront.

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