Tina Pilonetti

County: King County



Grants for Artist Projects 2003
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Tina Pilonetti received a 2003 GAP to offset expenses related to the travel, study, and rehearsal required in preparation for the performance of What Survives Remains. This dance commemorates the murder of Pilonetti’s best friend, Jocelyn Sandberg. The 45-minute performance combines her extensive background in modern dance with her study of the Japanese Butoh dance form, in addition to her knowledge of kung fu, tai chi, and self-defense techniques. The performance weaves a story of confrontation with grief, the fall into madness, rage, sacrifice, redemption and silence. It is Pilonetti’s goal to perform What Survives Remains on the one-year anniversary of her friend’s death at The Colorado College. Funding will help cover costs related to traveling to Colorado and travel to British Columbia to study with her teacher, the Mexican Butoh master Diego Piñon.