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Grants for Artist Projects 2014
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Tod Gangler fell in love with photography at the age of six when his his grandmother gave him a Kodak Brownie camera. Since then, he’s had affairs with many different cameras. He progressed through bigger cameras, always trying to fit more of the big, beautiful world into his pictures. While in his twenties, Tod received a T.J. Watson Fellowship and moved to Paris. There he learned about early photography and fell in love with color carbon printing. He moved to Seattle in 1979 and began the work of re-inventing and mastering carbon printing. After over 20 years of failures and hard work he finally succeeded.

Tod received 2014 GAP funding for the creation of large film negatives used to expose hand-made color emulsion for his project titled The Color of Time. The Nordic Heritage Museum will show an exhibition of this work in late 2014. For the past three years Tod has photographed “Old Ballard” using the color technique invented in 1869 in France. Tod photographs in tricolor, making three successive time exposures onto black & white film, each through either a red, green or blue filter. During one-hour exposures every part of the world holds still before the camera, recording clear and sharp images. Everything moving in time leaves only a pastel colored ghost trail or doesn’t even record at all.

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