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Todd Moore

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2003 Grants for Artist Projects1998 Fellowship Awards
King County



Todd Moore received a 2003 GAP to defray expenses related to travel and lodging while completing research for a performance project called Smedley Butler: Maverick Marine, an a capella musical revue that included Moore and four other actors/singers. General Smedley Butler, America’s most highly decorated soldier and veteran of campaigns in over 10 countries, became radicalized in later life and toured the nation speaking out against American “imperialism” and the influence of “big business” on American military policy. Moore spent time traveling to West Chester, PA, Quantico, VA, and Washington DC to visit the Butler family, the Marine Historical Archives and Butler’s primary biographer, Hans Schmidt, respectively.

Mr. Moore was also the recipient of a Fellowship in 1998. Most recently, his work has been featured in The Stranger’s Art & Performance Quarterly.

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