Toi Sennhauser

County: King County




Grants for Artist Projects 2003
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Toi Sennhauser received a 2003 GAP to design and build a working re-creation of a Thai street vendor’s cart, with which she will be making deep fried men and women’s underwear made from pastry dough. “These intimate delicacies will be served with three dipping sauces aimed at erotically and intellectually challenging the participants: pomegranate-pepper, white chocolate cherry, and honey-cream.” This performative piece is scheduled to be part of THREAD’s Fashion Is Art show at Bumbershoot. Sennhauser seeks to reference and analyze “Thailand’s sex industry…and the widely held impression and stereotype that Thai women are programmed for sex rather than their own humanity.” Using food as an ingredient in many of her installation performances, Sennhauser has engaged audiences in such art venues as Soil Gallery, Consolidated Works and Noodle Work Studios. “Common foods can take on a new meaning when their form is changed, and individuals can be forced to examine their thoughts about food and sexuality on both a personal and public level,” offers Sennhauser.