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Travis M. Barker

County: Pierce County




Grants for Artist Projects 2017
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Travis M. Barker is a singer/songwriter born, raised, and currently residing and working in Tacoma, Washington. At fourteen, he began playing guitar and began writing and playing his own music at 24 years old. He began performing with his high school jazz band, progressing to “open-mic” nights at local establishments and forming two local bands, Black Sails and Elk and Boar. He has also contributed songwriting skills and performing with other artist’s, both in music and in the performing arts.

Travis received 2017 GAP Award funding for his first solo project, a 10-song LP Smoke Perkins & The Bad Winter Cough; Vol 1 & 2, produced at Tacoma’s Pacific Studios. Tacoma has been a great influence on his formation as a musician and human being; he endeavors to make this album as Tacoma-centric as he possibly can. Everything from the song selections, musicians he is working with, and the place that he is recording at are influenced by and located in Tacoma.

He completed initial recording of Smoke Perkins for submission to music festivals and booking agents. Travis is working on additional background tracking at this time. GAP will enable him to complete the mixing and mastering phase of the full 10-song album. All music on this album are new compositions written and arranged by him.

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