Troy Osaki

County: King County



GAP Award 2019
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Troy Osaki is a Filipino Japanese poet, community organizer, and attorney. A three-time grand slam poetry champion, he has earned fellowships from Kundiman and the Jack Straw Cultural Center. His work has appeared in the Beloit Poetry Journal, Hobart, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Poetry Northwest, and elsewhere. He writes in hopes to build a safe and just place to live in by uniting the people and reimagining the world through poetry.

Troy received 2019 GAP Award funding to receive support in completing his chapbook-length manuscript, “A BOY IN A BARANGAY.” Inspired by his first visit to the Philippines, this collection captures his experience of meeting with youth and student organizers, observing political rallies, and witnessing his homeland’s ongoing revolution.

Artist Trust thanks the Amazon Literary Partnership for underwriting this award through Artist Trust’s Corporate Partnership program. For information about supporting Washington State artists, visit here.

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