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W. Scott Trimble

County: King County




Grants for Artist Projects 2005, 2010, 2013
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W. Scott Trimble is originally from Santa Cruz, California and came to Seattle to obtain an MFA at the University of Washington in sculpture. His interests lie in dialoguing with the public with sculpture installations, inviting the viewer to participate in some way. Blurred boundaries between art, architecture, and tempting through the use of nostalgic cultural icons, he hopes to invite all to explore a self-guided narrative. He exhibits throughout the west coast and has been the recipient of various grants, public art commissions, and artist residencies. He has been living and working in Seattle since 2001.

W. Scott received 2013 GAP Award funding to exhibit a site-specific installation in Oakland, California. Themes of his range from pathway as a metaphor through life, environmental coin-operated sculptures, and model-like architectural motifs that reference our own spiritual and metaphoric sanctuaries.

W. Scott received 2010 GAP Award funding to offset the costs of shipping a large-scale work. He will exhibit his work in a solo show in Oakland, California, providing the artist the opportunity to reach and communicate with new audiences.

W. Scott received 2005 GAP Award funding to further an ongoing body of kinetic sculptures. Interactive in nature, his sculptures will be made even more agile by incorporating more advanced computer programming and interactive possibilities. His purchase of software specific to kinetics will allow him to develop a new, more sophisticated body of work.

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