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Zachary Halpern

County: Klickitat County




Grants for Artist Projects 2018
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Zachary Halpern is an entrepreneur, Evergreen State College graduate, and visual storyteller based out of Washington State. His work is an attempt to use a curiosity for the inexhaustible variety of life to foster foundation in an evolving community. Zachary has learned that the greatest gift in voice is the power to listen, and give voice to others. Zachary seeks to use his voice to help others articulate and explore their own work. The goal of his project The Makers Archive (TMA) is to inspire growth on individual and community levels by investigating and encouraging the process of passion in art and creativity. TMA enacts these values through an ongoing series of video portraits and occasional events.

Zachary received 2018 GAP Award funding for The Makers Archive, an ongoing series of video portraits showcasing the passion creators put into their work. Video portraits are 3-5 minute vignettes examining the process of passion in each artist. The GAP Award will fully fund 3 portraits and support the projects continuation.

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