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Published: June 27, 2024

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One of the biggest challenges facing Washington State artists of all disciplines is access to space where they can make, develop, and present their work. Join us from 5 to 6:15 pm on Thursday, June 13 for a virtual Community Conversations: Creating Space, guided by the question “What can artists across WA Sate do to create and sustain artist spaces?” Artist and Executive Director of Cultural Space Agency Olisa Enrico will lead a discussion between Washington artists and a Q&A with audience members will follow the conversation.

If you have any feedback or you’d like to join a future conversation, please fill out our feedback formThis conversation and others, as well as feedback shared will help shape our transforming organization as we move forward in community with artists.

About the Moderator

Olisa Enrico is an artist, educator and administrator who believes in the unique power of  art to cultivate community and culture. Olisa spent her childhood writing music and performing, traversing genres and rooting in hip hop as her primary form of expression. She branched out to theater and found passion for the power of story to reveal and heal. A performing artist who prioritizes connection to emotional, spiritual and cultural truth, Olisa writes, produces and performs in a multidimensional magical manifestation of each moment.


About the Panelists

Peggy Piacenza has been creating work and building community in Seattle for over 30 years. She is committed to generating new work and collaborating with others to create lasting relationships that impact the artist community. She is a co-founder of Base, a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating risk and invention in dance, performance, and multidisciplinary art. Peggy’s work embodies a wide spectrum of experience drawing from explorations in improvisation, video art, performance, meditation, and interdisciplinary collaborations. Premiering in January 2024 as part of On the Board’s 2023-2024 season, her latest project, The Forever Project, utilized video installation and live performance. In addition to her own work she is currently working with NYC/Toronto-based performance collective Same As Sister (S.A.S.). She has collaborated and performed with Seattle-based dance-theater companies 33 Fainting Spells and Pat Graney Company, choreographers Dayna Hanson, Stephanie Skura, Lionel Popkin, Deborah Hay, and others. She is a 2010 graduate of Smith College’s Ada Comstock Scholars Program where she majored in Religion and Gender Studies. 


Rosie Saldana is a working artist, the artistic director for Tieton Arts and Humanities and an art instructor at Heritage University located in Toppenish WA. She received her master’s in museum studies in 2022. On top of these responsibilities Rosie works with local Yakima galleries and artist groups to showcase diverse art exhibitions and pop-up shows. She is currently a member of Mezcla collective whose mission is to support and advocate for Latine artists in Central Washington. Rosie is a fourth generation Chicana and is consistently inspired by her family and culture. Through her art and leadership, she hopes to reclaim space and a voice for cultures and people who are not often depicted, appreciated, or respected in our society.  Her work has been featured in galleries and museums around WA state and she has juried for multiple exhibitions.


Neon Dion is conceptual artist with a multimedia background is a perfect storm for a vast arsenal of creativity. Neon Dion’s range is unlimited in scope and broad in spectrum. Curiosity and ingenuity inspire him to explore an array of Art mediums and theories to express ideas. The result is a masterful amalgamation of concepts inspired by pop culture, art history, social commentary and irony. His passion for Art began with a love of clothing textiles and fashion design silhouettes. Early on Neon helped to develop the streetwear brand Cosmic Swagger, which revolutionized the way fashion was developed and consumed in the Northwest. That same visionary stance has been redeveloped and evolved into the brand “Gallery of Ambition”. This time as a hybrid visual art concept which is focused on applying Art to fashion and tangible products. Projects range from prints, graphic tees, crafted cut and sew garments, furniture, accessories and various works of art. The Gallery of Ambition was also a public retail space and Art gallery, which was the first home of titan streetwear brand eTc.


Sam Farrazaino is the Founder of Equinox Studios, an artist, developer, constructor and community leader. Sam has successfully reclaimed the spirit and utility of old buildings and new, creating environments in which artists, artisans and arts organizations can thrive in their own work and collaborate to build communities with art as the heart and soul.

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