1% for Art of UN Kearney STEM building / Calls & Submissions

November 29, 2019

Organization Name: University of Nebraska Kearney

Organization Location: Kearney, NE

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $10


The new 80,00 square foot STEM building unites classrooms and collaborative spaces for the following programs: construction management, industrial distribution, interior design, aviation, cyber systems, mathematics and statistics, physics and astronomy and engineering.

The STEM building Selection Committee is selecting artwork for two separate public art projects within the central atrium of the building which connects the north and a south wings. The first floor acts as a passageway through the building, with large glass entrance vestibules on the east and west sides. The intent for the central spaces on all three levels is for collaboration, study space, open-air classrooms and critiques, and a space to witness the process of learning and creation while walking through the building.

The Stem Selection Committee is inspired by the notion that all the programs in this building are united by the hard work of research, trial and error, repetition that goes into every discovery, creation and invention. While the building and artwork leads students, faculty, and guests through the building, it leaves them with an understanding of the concept and inspired about the path of discovery and creation. The committee is not particularly interested in artwork that specifically or literally addresses the included programs.

Project #1, $200,000 | large-scale sculptural piece in the two-story West Atrium, which is separated from the courtyard by a multi-paned glass wall and doors. The committee is interested in the idea of the West Atrium artwork continuing into the courtyard on the other side of the glass wall for an exterior 3D sculpture. *Professional artists or artist teams throughout the US are eligible to apply.
Project #2, $50,000 | various wall locations for 2D artworks for the walls in the central atrium and collaborative spaces on the first, second, third floor. *Professional artists in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota are eligible to apply.

The STEM Public Art Selection Committee, in consultation with the Nebraska Arts Council, has full oversight for the selection of an artist for this project.


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