2021 Group Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

September 20, 2021

Organization Name: Ice Cream Social

Organization Location: Port Chester, NY

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $10


Ice Cream Social is excited to present our inaugural exhibition that will open up the newly renovated art space to the public! The small-group exhibition will feature invited & open call artists, age 18+. All mediums are welcome, but installation & sculpture work is recommended to be submitted only by artists who are able to install their piece in person. Some exceptions may be possible.

In an effort to support artists who take the time to apply to the open call, we will be featuring submitted works by the “runner-ups” on social media.

Side note: Our brand-new artist studios will also be completed and ready for viewing at the time of the exhibition. Subscribe for email updates to stay in the know when they become available.

The Show:
Though the show’s theme will be flexible and gently guided by the work that is submitted, we encourage artists to have in mind the newness of the space, and “birth” of an art program that will grow from this “seed” space. Show us the surprise, the strangeness, the pains, awe, fear, or glory of growth in all its forms. Show us origins and undiscovered territories, in your vision.

The Space:
1400 sq ft experimental exhibition space, with natural light filtering in from both sides of the building through wall-to-wall windows. Concrete floors, 12 ft ceilings. The works will be installed in a caged area within a larger, open space that presents a unique opportunity for hanging work to be seen from front and back, and for viewers to be able to view the show from within and from outside its walls. The cage walls are 8 ft tall. The cage will be locked after business hours. Depending on the proposed works, the cage may be removed entirely if not incorporated into proposed pieces. Ceiling installation via the steel beams may be possible. Work involving sound must use headphones.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Artist info
2. Artist CV (.pdf)
3. Artist Statement (250-word maximum)
4. Artist Bio (100-word maximum)
5. Proposal Statement (250-word maximum .pdf) describing the proposed artwork and how it addresses the theme. If the work will be a new piece created for the exhibition, include sketches/models of the proposed piece within this document. If any of the finished works in the sample images (listed below) are intended for the show, please be sure to mention them in your proposal by image #.
6. 10 jpeg images of recent, finished works (no greater than 1200 pixels 72 dpi). Each file must be labeled “First Name_Last Name_#”. No more than 2 images per piece.
7. Image List: Title, dimensions, medium, price, and optional 1-2 sentences of detail for each of the 10 works included. When pricing your work, please account for 20% of the sale for the gallery. Works are not required to be for sale (please label “NFS” for any works that are not for sale).


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