2022 Art Jewelry Forum Young Artist Award / Funding

January 9, 2022

Organization Name: Art Jewelry Forum

Organization Location: San Antonio, Texas

Type: Funding

Fee: Free


The biennial AJF Young Artist Award acknowledges promise, innovation, and individuality, and advances the careers of rising artists. Ambitious contemporary jewelry artists age 35 and under are invited to apply for this international prize in contemporary art jewelry, which includes US $7,500 for the winner, as well as an exhibition during Schmuck, in March 2022, for the winner and four finalists. The benefits of winning ripple out beyond the financial, however; past recipients have described the prize as boosting their energy and motivation, and the sense of encouragement and support from the field enhanced their confidence. The award has advanced their careers by virtue of increased exposure, networking connections, and exhibition opportunities.

AJF’s award and grant program is made possible by individuals who believe funding art creation is an important way to show their appreciation for the arts. The Young Artist Award competition is generously supported by collectors Karen and Michael Rotenberg, whose collection focuses on the innovative use of alternative materials by emerging talent and mid-career artists. We are deeply grateful for their commitment to fund three cycles of the YAA competition, the 2022 competition being the second of the three. We are also very excited to announce that as a result of their leadership and generosity, each of the four finalists will receive a US$1,000 award this year.


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