2022 Artist Residency Program / Residencies

December 17, 2021

Organization Name: TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Organization Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image (1400 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA), formerly Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, is now accepting applications for its annual Artist Residency program. The organization is also partnering with Photographer’s Green Book (PGB) and its founder and editor-in-chief, Jay Simple, for the program. Together, the organizations seek to assist artists in the creation of work by providing necessary financial support, access to high-end facilities, and proper technical assistance and education.

The residency is intended to provide a transformative experience that enriches the individual artist and the communities they represent. In addition to PGB joining the Artist Residency selection committee, Simple will work to ensure that TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image is an inclusive space that reflects the diversity and extensive explorations happening within contemporary image-making. Applicants can submit proposals for both new works or the completion of a project that’s already in progress through TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image’s online portal.

About the 2022 Artist Residency
The artist selected for the 2022 residency will receive a $2,500 honorarium, a $1,000 credit for ink and paper usage at TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image’s Artist Lab, and, if necessary, an additional $1,000 stipend for travel and housing expenses. Hourly rental fees for printers and scanners will also be waived through the duration of their residency. While the residency’s length is restricted to a month, the timing of when the term begins is flexible. Since the Artist Residency program is intended to support working artists, individuals currently enrolled in a degree-granting program are not eligible; however, applicants do not need a college degree to apply.

Accepted artists will work with the TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image and PGB to design two public program events. These programs are open to interpretation and do not need to be included in their proposals. If the artist’s work centers on scholarly research or advocacy through the arts, they may propose collaborative projects resulting in open-source resources that can be published by PGB– both online and in print.

Application Requirements
All artist applications are required to include:
● A letter of intent that clearly outlines the goals and outcomes of the residency.
● A separate, one-page artist statement detailing the artist’s most recent work, their process, and personal interest in creating their work.
● A specific time frame (with a preferred month of participation).
● 15 to 20 photos (saved as jpegs) of recent work or work related to the intended project.
● A list of lab equipment that will be needed.

Candidates interested in a more scholarly-based project are asked to share a one-to two-page writing sample. The writing sample may be submitted in replacement of or in support of their collection of photos. All applications will be reviewed by TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image and PGB’s Artist Residency Committee. Artists will be required to submit through an online portal available on the TILT website.


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