2023 Gallery Exhibition Opportunities / Calls & Submissions

June 10, 2023

Organization Name: The Gallery on Second

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The Gallery on Second

About: The Gallery on Second is a new gallery located in Downtown Seattle. The gallery is meant to be a place where anyone can enjoy art anytime, as the space provides a 24/7 close-up view of the pieces through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. The gallery is only open for the public to enter during the Belltown Art Walk, which is when the artist is expected to have their opening reception. The Belltown Art Walk happens every second Friday. For the rest of the show, the art is viewable through the windows.

Sales: Any proceeds from sales go 100% to the artist. No commission is paid at all. Artists can hang their bio and contact info in the window. There will also be contact information on the website. Any interested buyers can just contact the artist directly.

Details: It is the artist’s responsibility to hang their own work as well as set up and advertise for the opening reception. While all advertising is the artist’s responsibility, Tower 12 apartments will hang flyers for the opening and flyers can be placed in the gallery with the details for the opening. The artist will also need to provide any drinks or snacks they want for the opening. There is an extra space that can be open during the artist reception only – this gives more space for gathering, music, food, drinks, etc.

The artwork is expected to be hung for one month, unless specified otherwise.

To Apply: Send your artist statement and a link to your art to the following email: info@thegalleryonsecond.com


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