2024 Artist-in-Residence Program on San Juan Island / Residencies

December 1, 2023

Organization Name: Alchemy Art Center

Organization Location: San Juan Island, WA

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


About the AIR program:
Alchemy’s AIR program is a unique opportunity to live in an immersive arts community on San Juan Island, connect with the wider San Juan Island community via teaching and outreach activities, and have focused time to create art in an environment that supports collaboration, cross-pollination, and innovation.

All AIR opportunities include a work exchange of 12-15 hours per week, a substantial component of which is community engagement. This can mean teaching adult level classes, leading free workshops in the park, mentoring small groups of young people, or simply interacting with Alchemy’s many studio members and visitors. Ideal candidates are people who enjoy people, and who are energized and inspired by collaborative interactions.

We have three types of residencies for the 2024 season:

Teaching Artist Residency:
March 31- May 15, 2024
The Teaching Artist Residency is a shoulder-season residency for artists who specialize in one of our primary studio practices: ceramics, printmaking, or darkroom photography. Scheduled during Alchemy’s quieter months, this opportunity is perfect for artists who are looking for more time and space to focus on their work. Our Spring session has two spots available.

Ideal applicants for this residency have a strong studio practice, and are experienced in teaching a variety of adult-level classes in their medium of choice. Applicants must also be comfortable living semi-outdoors in the cooler shoulder season weather of the Pacific Northwest, sharing communal bathroom and kitchen space with up to 8 other people. The teaching residency has a work exchange commitment of 12 hours per week in the form of teaching, studio managing, special projects, youth mentorship. There is no stipend for this residency because of the lower work exchange commitment.

Artists in Community Artist Residency:
May 19- June 26, 2024 and June 30- August 30, 2024
Our Artists in Community program occurs during the summer months, when Alchemy is most active in the San Juan Island community. Artists in Residence joining us during this time are an integral part of our summer programming, leading free workshops in the park, mentoring youth groups, working with our local summer camp, and more. This is a fantastic opportunity for artists looking to connect with the broader island community, share their skills, work collaboratively, and create art in a dynamic and supportive environment. The work exchange for Artists in Community AIRs is 15 hours per week and includes running art activities in the community, studio maintenance, and other program support. A personal living stipend of $300 per month is included in this program.

Special Projects Artist Residency:
one, two, or three month residencies available June 2, 2024 – August 30, 2024
This residency is for artists who are interested in developing a special project that will remain at Alchemy after they leave. Past projects have included an intricate stained glass window installed in our welcome kiosk, and a wood fired kiln. Projects could be geared more towards infrastructure or decorative elements. This residency is available for 1-3 months, depending on the project. The work exchange for Special Projects AIRs is 15 hours per week. They will primarily focus on their special project, but may also teach, help with studio maintenance, and work with youth mentees. A personal living expense stipend of $300 per month is included in this program.

Accommodations are included in this residency, and are rustic and rural. Alchemy is located on 9 acres of hilly forest and open space, with buildings and residences connected via woodland footpaths. In addition to being a community art center, Alchemy is also a communal residence. Applicants must be comfortable living semi-outdoors, and sharing communal bathroom and kitchen space with up to 8 other people. Learn more about all three residency styles, see photos, and apply via our website.

About Alchemy Art Center:
Alchemy Art Center has been a 501 c(3) non profit community art center since 2018. Our facilities include a communal ceramics studio, a photography darkroom, and a printmaking studio. We also have a 35 ft geodesic dome which functions as a gallery, yoga studio, classroom and event space. We offer monthly memberships, classes and workshops for kids and adults, and seasonal artist residencies.

Alchemy is the only community art center available to islanders where they live.

Our mission is to provide arts programming and creative community for people on rural San Juan Island. We believe that artists should have access to tools, space, and collaborative support necessary for creating their art. Alchemy Art Center fulfills a vital role as a place where artists of all ages can work, and where the larger community can explore artistic expression.

By providing access to space and equipment that can be financially prohibitive, as well as internship and residency programs, Alchemy Art Center works to preserve San Juan Island as an accessible place for artists which in turn creates a richer and more creative island culture.


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