2024 Artist Residency Program / Residencies

February 13, 2023

Organization Name: The Watermill Center

Organization Location: Water Mill, NY

Type: Residencies

Fee: $12


Each year, The Watermill Center invites artists to develop works that critically investigate, challenge, and extend the existing norms of artistic practice as part of our year-round Artist Residency Program.

The Artist Residency Program is process-based, providing artists with time and space to focus on developing their practice in a communal environment that encourages experimentation and innovation. Artists-in-Residence share their creative process with the community through open studios, workshops, and artist talks.

The Artist Residency Program is open to national and international artists 21+
years old. We accept artists from all disciplines, including but not limited to: visual arts, performance, architecture, film/video, literature, interdisciplinary arts, academic research, and music composition. Solo artists or collectives (such as theatre or dance companies) are welcome to apply.

Artists-in-Residence receive access to an extensive collection of resources: 20,000 square feet of rehearsal/design spaces and outdoor stages; a theater production archive; The Watermill Center Study Library; The Watermill Collection; and over ten acres of landscaped grounds and gardens.


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