2024 Downtown Redmond Art Walk Temporary Muralist Call / Calls & Submissions

May 30, 2024

Organization Name: City of Redmond

Organization Location: Redmond, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Artists are invited to submit proposals to paint an 8’x8’ mural which is one side of an 8’x8’x8’ Mural Box at the Downtown Redmond Art Walk in Redmond, Washington. Downtown Redmond Art Walk is a fall celebration that highlights local artists and businesses and includes temporary art installations in Downtown Park sponsored by the City of Redmond.

• Artwork proposal must be 1:1 ratio to fit an 8’x8’ surface
• Proposal does not have to be a fully realized design and can be a thumbnail draft or written description
• Artists must include similar examples of their work
• Artist must be available September 18-19 and able to complete the artwork during event at Downtown Park in Redmond, WA.

• Artists will receive $1,000 total ($750 artist stipend; $250 for materials).
• Surface will be provided and primed by the City.
• If selected, artists will be required to provide a headshot and bio. Selected artists’ names will be listed on on-site signage and promotional/outreach materials.

Artwork will be selected through a panel process based on the below criteria:
• Prior experience working on and/or demonstrated ability to complete projects of similar scale
• Proposed artwork can be executed within the budget and timeline, while meeting guidelines (see above)
• The submitted artwork must be appropriate for the location and event
• Artistic merit, originality, creativity, and appropriate for the event


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