3D Art Residency, Summer 2020 / Residencies

January 24, 2020

Organization Name: The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center

Organization Location: West Rutland, VT

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


WEST RUTLAND, VT- Artist Residencies at the Carving Studio & Sculpture Center offer sculptors opportunities for inspiration and to create new work in the former marble quarry and manufacturing area of Vermont. Residencies are from one to three months, featuring artists working in a diverse range of materials and techniques.

The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center offers Artists in Residence comprehensive facilities for creating works in stone, metal, wood, ceramics, glass and more. Residents become part of our vibrant artist community, sharing in the exchange of concepts, aesthetics, and technical expertise. Stipends, housing, and meals are available to selected Artists in Residence.

To apply for a residency, please send your resumé/CV, statement/proposal and digital image (jpegs) or slide portfolio (up to 10 images) to info@carvingstudio.org or The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, P.O. Box 495, West Rutland, VT 05777.

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center is a non-profit sculpture education center dedicated to the creation of three-dimensional art. Located on the grounds of Vermont’s historic marble quarries, the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center hosts workshops, residencies, and exhibitions along with providing studio space for large and small-scale sculptural expression.

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