3D Online Exhibition for Artists / Calls & Submissions

March 31, 2022

Organization Name: Walter's Cube

Organization Location: New York, NY

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


At Walter’s Cube, we hope to help many artists reach a wider audience and become better known.
We offer 3D online exhibition spaces for artists.
We have free options available, as well as low-cost options available for $29 per month.
check both out here: https://onlineviewingroom.com/pricing/

Our new development, Teaser Creator, is also free.
Artists can create a 3D teaser video of their artwork in one minute.

Currently, we can only offer free exhibition spaces for flat artwork.
Video and sculpture can be placed, but these are at an additional cost.
You get more visitors by sharing your 3D online exhibition or teaser video on social media and by email. As a result, collectors will spend more time with your artwork, and you will get more requests and more visitors at your show!

Exhibitions are also available on our website.
Make local art global reach together!


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