A Shared Table: Images of Conviviality and Cultures / Calls & Submissions

December 8, 2022

Organization Name: LoosenArt

Organization Location: Rome, IT

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


A Shared Table: Images of Conviviality and Cultures
Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design
Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. March 2023

The representation of food has continuously been over the centuries at the center of the interest of artists and, subsequently, of photographers: first off through still lifes, then with the use of photography and even Eat Art. Food declares who we are and suggests the habits we have – gastronomical, social and cultural. This call intends to collect photographs, digital works and videos that gravitate around the theme of food, conviviality and domestic hospitality.

Submissions » http://bit.ly/loosenartcalls


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