Accessible Social Media Assistant / Employment

March 22, 2024

Organization Name: Mouthwater Festival

Organization Location: Seat

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


The Mouthwater Festival is seeking an Accessible Social Media Assistant to support the execution of our Fall 2024 Festival.
The Mouthwater Festival will take place in Seattle with an artist incubator in late September 2024 and free or ticketed events at multiple venues from October 1-13, 2024. Co-founded by Saira Barbaric, NEVE, and Vanessa Hernández Cruz, Mouthwater Festival will span Seattle, showcasing performance art, theater, dance, and music by disabled creatives. Disabled artists from all over the country will gather in town to share their work, develop their practice, and foster cross-disability solidarity and creativity. The festival’s values are anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, pro-black, disability justice-informed, afrofuturist, sex educated, and practical.

Job Title: Accessible Social Media Assistant
Location: Seattle, Washington
Position Type: Part-Time

Position Summary:
This position involves providing assistance to the Mouthwater production team in various tasks related to managing and promoting the festival on various social media platforms. This person will report to the Mouthwater Festival production team.
Essential Job Functions:

Content Creation
Assist in creating and curating accessible content for social media platforms. This may include writing captions, designing graphics, editing photos, and creating engaging posts.

Accessibility Considerations

Ensure that social media content is accessible by incorporating features like image descriptions, captions, color contrast, text fonts/size, and other accessibility options.

Scheduling Posts

Help schedule social media posts using tools like social media management platforms, Ensure that posts are scheduled at optimal times to reach the target audience.
Posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube will be required

Monitoring Social Media Channels

Monitor the festival’s social media channels to manage comments, mentions, and direct messages. Respond to inquiries or comments as needed and escalate issues to the Mouthwater Production team.

Community Engagement

Actively engage with the festival’s audience by responding to comments, liking and sharing user-generated content, and participating in conversations to build a sense of community.

Live Event Coverage

Support the Mouthwater Production team by capturing live coverage of festival events for future use. This may include capturing behind-the-scenes moments, performance footage, and other festival elements as requested.

Social Media Calendar

Contribute to the development and maintenance of a social media content calendar, ensuring that posts align with the overall festival marketing strategy.

Qualifications and Requirements:
Experience in social media management
Must live in the Seattle area
Demonstrated understanding of various social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and trends.
Strong awareness of best practices for accessible social media: including captions, image descriptions, audio description, etc
Proficiency in creating engaging and appealing content, including writing captions, designing graphics, and editing photos or videos.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Must be vaccinated against COVID unless you cannot due to access needs

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