Alder Festival Street Asphalt Mural / Calls & Submissions

June 4, 2021

Organization Name: City of Issaquah

Organization Location: Issaquah, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The City of Issaquah invites professional artists/artist teams to submit their qualifications for consideration to create mural artwork for the City’s asphalt mural project on Alder Street in downtown Issaquah. The public art project budget is $15,000, inclusive of all artist fees, travel, design, insurance, permits, labor and installation. The selected artist/artist team will work with the City of Issaquah to create an asphalt mural that complements and enhances the project.

The asphalt mural is a component of the Alder Festival Street project which is part of Issaquah’s Downtown Streetscape Concept Plan, adopted by City Council in 2017. These improvements will provide outdoor space to encourage pedestrian activities and community spaces for people to enjoy in Issaquah’s historic cultural and business district. The Alder Festival Street is also within Issaquah’s Creative District and will allow additional opportunities for artists, musicians and other users to connect with the community.

The selected artist or artist team will work with City of Issaquah staff and community stakeholders to ensure an asphalt mural design that is cohesive with the overall festival street project. The artwork will be approximately 800 square feet. The mural will be on pavement and should be designed and treated to withstand pedestrian traffic.

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