AMAZÓNICA Artists-in-Residence / Residencies

March 31, 2023

Organization Name: Correlacion Contemporanea

Organization Location: Peru

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


Production and research residency program in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru 2023.

The residency program Amazonica welcomes national and international visual artists, multidisciplinary & interdisciplinary artists, curators, and other disciplines, for four weeks to develop projects related to:
• Peruvian Amazon
• The community and city of Iquitos
• Native cultures and tribes (such as but not limited to Kukama Kukamiria, Bora, Shipibo Conibo, Huitoto, etc)
• Equity and liberation

Amazónica program provides residents with an experiential of the socio-cultural context of the Peruvian Amazon, promoting critical research through traditional and contemporary artistic practices in contact with locals. The residence proposes a total disconnection from the routine or type of life, to reconnect with nature. We propose an alternative and traditional space for creation from an intercultural horizon, which can be explored through personal and collective research and exploration.

The program aims to create an environment of knowledge and cultural exchange, artistic production, and/or research in contemporary arts. During the residency program, residents and coordinators will have a work plan and activity schedule. A local artist and/or curator will be leading the program and checking in with artists.

Deadline: March 31, 2023
Residency starts: July, August, and Sept 2023
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