An Idea of Order / Calls & Submissions

September 27, 2019

Organization Name: St. Louis Artists' Guild

Organization Location: St. Louis, MO

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $35


The title of this exhibit is inspired by the poem “An Idea of Order at Key West” by Wallace Stevens. Artists have employed mathematics to bring visual harmony to our surroundings with tools such as the golden ratio, perspective and grid systems. From the intricate symmetry of Islamic tile design, to the measured drawings of Agnes Martin, mathematics can create visual harmony and give a sense of order to what appears to be chaotic.

An Idea of Order seeks work in all media that employs systematic, structure, number, pattern, and shape as an inherent component of expression. Artworks that are concerned with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement as organizing principles are appropriate, as well as works that are related to sequence, timing and movement.

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