Animal Art Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

October 22, 2023

Organization Name: Gallery B612

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $25 +


We have a new OPEN ART CALL for the Animal Art Exhibition, hosted by Gallery B612 in Seattle

Call Type: Exhibition
Call Eligibility: International, Ages 18+
Exhibition Dates: November 9th – December 15th, 2023

Exhibition: Animal Art Exhibition

Notable artists throughout history as well as the earliest evolved homo-sapiens have depicted animals in art for centuries.Our interactions with them are inevitable. There are various forms of beauty in animals from their forms and patterns to the relationships we carry with them either with danger or companionship.

We learn from animals more than we think, and they help us expand and experience empathy as well as inspire us to technological innovation. We may often see ourselves in animals through modern internet memes as each type of animal has relatable characteristics and moods to us as people. For centuries, animals have been used by many if not all cultures to represent spirits, symbolism, power, and so on. They are precious, sacred, need protection and respect.

See the application link for more details and instructions.

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